Renewable energy platform in Africa

The project

In 2021, STOA and Qair, a leading French independent power producer, announced the creation of a common investment platform, MIHIA Holding (Make It Happen In Africa). MIHIA, owned 51% Qair and 49% STOA, is meant to invest in renewable energy projects in Africa.

Through MIHIA, Qair and STOA are willing to invest the equity needs of the equivalent of €250M of solar, wind, hydro, eco-combustion and storage project across the continent.

The construction of the plateform’s first solar power plant project has started in Zano, in the municipality of Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso, following the financial close completed with the lenders FMO and Proparco as well as the issuance of a notice-to-proceed to the EPC company. The objective is to reach commissioning of the plant by end 2023.


What’s at stake

Sustainably finance the green growth of Africa

Qair and STOA’s willingness to jointly invest in renewable energy projects in Africa stems from their shared belief that there is a great need for massive investments in low-carbon energy in many African countries, whose electricity sectors often prove to be unreliable and extremely costly for both public authorities and end-consumers. This partnership will contribute to the development of a sustainable energy mix and help meet the growing needs of rapidly expanding populations.

A first project delivering high impacts

The ambition driving the inaugural integration of a first project into the MIHIA platform, the Zano solar power plant, is to provide the people of Burkina Faso with accessible, functional and clean infrastructure while contributing to the growth of sustainable and resilient economies.

Developed in partnership with the Burkinabé company Syscom Network, the plant will thus actively participate in the sustainable improvement of the country’s electricity supply, as well as in the increase in its electrification rate. In the long run, the development of such projects will significantly reduce the numerous power cuts experienced by the country, by ensuring a better national territory coverage.


Expected impact KPIs for the Zano projet (Burkina Faso)
  • 109 megawatts of capacity installed by 2024.
  • 200 jobs created during the construction period.
  • 2,528,000 people with access to electricity by 2024
  • 130,000 tons. CO2 eq avoided each year [1]


Overall impact score of the project : 2,3 / 3


[1] Emissions calculated using the AFD’s carbon balance method, based on total installed capacity and projected estimates over the life of the project.


« After many years developping projects in Burkina Faso and collaborating with the Burkinabé government, we are pleased to announce the launch of our first solar power plant in Burkina Faso. The implementation of the MIHIA platform reasserts our ambition to become a key player in the rolling out of renewable energy within Africa, and provides us with means to speed up future developments in Burkina Faso and the rest of Africa. »

Louis Blanchard, Chairman – Qair









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