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STOA releases its 2023 Disclosure Statement
STOA renews its signature of the Operating Principles for Impact...
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Newsletter STOA #8
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STOA joins the shareholding of leading East-African C&I operator, Equator Energy
STOA, the energy and infrastructure impact fund created by Caisse...
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Newsletter STOA #7
COP15 biodiversity, new partnerships, new investments, and platforms… The year...
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Newsletter STOA #6
5 YEARS ALREADY! In October 2017, STOA was created, and...
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STOA launches its Purpose Committee
After defining its purpose (raison d’être) in April 2022, STOA...
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STOA sells its stake in Daystar Power to Shell
STOA sells its stake in Daystar Power to Shell Daystar...
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The AEFE and STOA conclude a partnership agreement to promote French education abroad
Mr. Olivier Brochet, Director of the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français...
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STOA Leads candi Series B Fundraising
Partnering to power a more sustainable planet This investment reinforces...
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