STOA commits to the protection of biodiversity by signing the “Finance for Biodiversity Pledge”

On September 22 2021, on the occasion of the World Congress of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), STOA joined the global initiative “Finance for Biodiversity Pledge”. By signing this pledge, the fund is setting new targets to protect biodiversity.

Launched in 2020 on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly Summit on Biodiversity, the “Finance for Biodiversity Pledge” attempts to reconcile environmental protection and sustainable finance. This initiative currently has 75 signatories from 17 different countries and represents more than 12,000 billion euros of assets.

At a time when the loss of biodiversity is accelerating and the climate challenge is becoming increasingly pressing, STOA is committed to contributing to the protection and restoration of biodiversity through its financial and investment activities. By signing this international appeal, the fund recognizes that the Earth’s biosphere is the foundation of resilience and human progress, but also that it is under increasing pressure and must be protected.

Charles-Henri Malecot, Managing Director of STOA Infra & Energy, says: “As an impact fund, STOA promotes the development of sustainable economies by financing critical infrastructure in emerging markets. Infrastructure can have a significant impact on local biodiversity, both positively and negatively. By joining the Pledge, we want to commit to protecting biodiversity by developing practical solutions.”

Note that the “Finance for Biodiversity Pledge” includes 5 main measures that the signatory financial institutions promise to implement:

  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing among signatories
  • Integration of biodiversity in the responsible investment policy
  • Assessment of the positive and negative impacts of investments on biodiversity
  • Setting targets to increase the positive impacts of investments
  • Annual reporting on the level of achievement of these objectives
    The Finance for Biodiversity Pledge also allows signatories to become members of the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation working groups. The purpose of these working groups is to share knowledge and collaborate on topics such as impact assessment, policy advocacy, etc.

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