Fidal’s ‘Grand Rendez-vous’ event Paris : The Sustainable City in Africa

Marie-Laure Mazaud, STOA’s Deputy CEO, was one of the keynote speakers at Fidal’s ‘Grand Rendez-vous’ event held on February 6 on ‘The Sustainable City in Africa’.

The discussions focused on the two great axes of cities’ sustainability, namely infrastructure and mobility.

Key takeaways from Marie-Laure’s intervention on STOA’s view of African infrastructure investment success:

-No one-size-fits-all: each project should be carefully analysed to take into account the particularities of its contractual framework and the site location, notably regarding environmental and social aspects;

-Efficient risk sharing between public and private sponsors: which is often facilitated by sufficient local purchasing power and state accounts equilibrium;

-Overcoming project hurdles hand-in-hand with the public sector: enhancing financial liquidity in the market, promoting the use of PPPs and enhancing the quality of sectors’ strategic planning.

Thanks to the other speakers for their fruitful contribution: Hugues de La Forge, Hacina Py, Yann Alix, Laurent Thorrance, Valerie-noelle Kodjo diop, Christophe Maquet, François Jay, Thierry Barbotte, Karim Selouane, Severine Lauratet, Cecile Fontaine, Paulin Danho , Marc Teyssier d’Orfeuil and Julie Claude.

Dernière mise à jour/Last update : 20/10/16