Our investment process takes place in different steps clearly identified and well mastered. This approach considers risks and impacts, is transparent, efficient and agile. It provides our partners with good visibility throughout the process.

Identification of an investment opportunity

Prior analysis
  • Analysis of the business plan and assessment of the market, technical, legal, environmental and social risks
  • Compliance review (sanctions, embargoes, exclusion lists)
  • Evaluation of the project impact, climate footprint and STOA’s additionnality
Investment advisory committee gives go / no go
Issuance of a Non-Binding Offer

In-depth analysis
  • In-depth analysis of the financial model
  • Due-diligence on the applicable project risks: market, technical, legal, E&S, compliance, insurance
  • Impact and additionality scoring, compliance rating (KYC* and KYT*)
  • Fine-tuning of the climate assessment
  • Notice-to-proceed by the internal risk department (E&S, compliance and asset management teams)

  • Negotiation of the transaction documents (shareholders’ agreement, share subscription agreement…)
  • Inclusion of E&S and compliance clauses

Binding offer after decision by the Board of Directors

Signing and Closing

Operational monitoring
  • Monitoring of the project economics and overall performance
  • Monitoring of the E&S action plan
  • Monitoring of the compliance system within the project company and updating of the KYC and KYT
  • Monitoring of impact
  • Monitoring of compliance and E&S risks at the Board of Directors or ad hoc committee meeting at least once a year

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