Waste sorting, professional integration, carbon offset for business trips… These are but a few examples of how our commitment to the present and future generations is expressed through concrete actions on a daily basis.
A carbon offset project in Madagascar

WIn 2021, the carbon footprint of our business trips via air and rail was 285 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Like every year since 2018, we compensated for these emissions by financing carbon offset projects whose credits are Gold Standard certified. This year, we chose to support the Rano project, which seeks to expand access to drinking water in Madagascar. This project is developed by EcoAct, leader in the fight against climate change.

Madagascar faces serious water and waste-treatment problems: 58% of the country’s population has no access to drinking water. To purify water, people must boil it by burning wood or charcoal, which releases significant emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere and leads to overexploitation of forest areas.

The Rano project will improve access to drinking water for more than 8,000 people in Madagascar.

The Rano project aims to improve access to drinking water for more than 8,000 people, for example by restoring boreholes or in – stalling solar water supply systems. This project has a threefold benefit: it improves people’s living conditions and helps to preserve both the environment and the climate.

  • Reduction in health problems that are due to lack of access to water.
  • Reduction in time spent collecting wood.
  • Reduction in pressure on Madagascar’s forests.
Committed action to promote social integration

We pay very close attention to the impact of all our activities. In particular, whenever possible, we select social integration companies as suppliers. For our weekly working lunches, for example, we have chosen to work consistently with the solidarity caterer Un Monde Gourmand  to support people returning to work after long periods of unemployment.

We have been sorting our waste since 2019, separating plastic, cardboard, ink cartridges and coffee grounds. In 2021, our teams sorted 281 kilograms of waste. Selective sorting at offices is run by Les Joyeux Recycleurs, an organization helping to integrate socially-excluded people into working life, thanks to its partnership with the Ares Group. We also strive to reduce our production of waste by making our employees aware of the most environmentally-friendly practices.

STOA encourages its employees to play sports

In addition to its commitment to the environment, STOA supports the sporting spirit among its employees. The purpose is to both contribute to their good health and to develop motivation, team spirit and a sense of belonging. In 2021, STOA offered its employees several hours of weekly sports, but also a hike on the heights of Chamonix and a padel competition.

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