Our team

Despite their different backgrounds and origins, our employees share STOA’s values: responsibility and sustainability, agility and open-mindedness, confidence and transparency, risk-taking and humility. Our multicultural approach is an asset that allows us to adapt to various environments. We are dynamic, committed, and passionate about what we do.

General direction

Charles-Henri Malécot
Chief Executive Officer

Background: Over 30 years' experience in the economies of developing countries, notably acquired at the Treasury Department, the French Development Agency and the World Bank, and in the financing of infrastructure projects, particularly in the energy sector, as Deputy CEO of the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône.

Mission at STOA: Chief Executive Officer.

Interests / hobbies: Ski touring / Mountaineering.

His dream: Everest?

Marie-Laure Mazaud
Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Background: Marie-Laure has extensive experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, project financing and governance. Previously Executive Director in charge of the transport sector at the CDC, she has also held the posts of Director of International Finance and Credit at the Alcatel-Lucent Group, and Head of Structured Finance at Coface.  She has been a corporate director for ten years, and currently chairs the audit committees of two mid-size companies with a strong international presence.

Mission at STOA: Make STOA a permanent key player in infrastructure development and financing in emerging countries.

Interests / hobbies: Visiting capital cities and discovering new sights by bike.

Her dream: Go ski touring in distant lands!

Matthew Saville
Managing Director

Background: Matthew has extensive experience in corporate finance and project finance in emerging markets. Previously Senior Investment Officer for the Energy and Infrastructure Department at Proparco, he developed the entity's equity and mezzanine business. He also opened the Central America regional office in Mexico City to develop Proparco's multi-sector activity in the region, ranging from renewable energy projects to healthcare and education projects.

Missions at STOA: Investment Team Management, Origination.

Interests / hobbies: Electric scooters (Bird, Lime, Dotte, etc).

His dream: Great Britain in the EU.

Investment team

André Mounif
Investment Director

Background: André was Senior Project Manager in PROPARCO's Energy and Infrastructure Department. He began his career in the French Ministry of Transport. Alongside public entities he was involved in launching a large number of major infrastructure projects such as GSM-R projects, and the CDG Express, La GV SEA and HGV Eco-tax projects. André is an engineer who graduated from the Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de l’Etat [National State Civil Engineering School].

Missions at STOA:  Origination, assessment and negotiation of investment projects.

Interests / hobbies: Travel, football and golf.

His dream: Speak seven languages.

Hayat Ouchenir
Investment Director

Background: Before joining STOA, Hayat was Investment Director in the infrastructure department of the Caisse des Dépôts. She helped to structure and launch major infrastructure projects such as the expansion of the Port of Calais, the CDG Express, Géothermie Bouillante and the wind farm project in India. Hayat is a graduate of ESSEC Business School. 

Missions at STOA: Origination, assessment and structuring of investment projects.

Interests / hobbies: Travel and power walking.

Her dream: Install a wind turbine on the moon.

Ange-Kevin Silué
Investment Manager

Background: Ange-Kevin began his career as an analyst at LFPI Gestion before joining Contour Global where he helped to structure renewable energy projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He also worked at Florac Private Equity.   

Missions at STOA: Analyse the financial, technical and commercial parameters of the project opportunities identified by our teams, in order to summarise and present the most interesting of these to STOA's investment committee.

His dream: Help finance more than 50 GW of renewable energy.

Interests / hobbies: Parachute jumps.

Antoine Durand
Investment Manager

Background: Previously Project Manager in the Structured Finance Department at VINCI Concessions, he has worked on setting up financing for motorway and airport projects worldwide. He has also worked for AFD and at Egis in transport economics and is therefore very familiar with the areas in which STOA works.

Missions at STOA: Analyse the financial, technical and commercial parameters of the project opportunities identified by our teams, in order to summarise and present the most interesting of these to STOA's investment committee.

Passion/hobbies: Geography.

Romain Vélon
Investment Analyst

Background: Romain studied at the Télécom Paris School of Engineering before completing his education with a combined degree from HEC Paris. Romain joined STOA after having worked in CA-CIB's Project Finance team in Paris and taking part in the VIE [international volunteering in companies] programme by working in the Structured Finance Advisory division of CA-CIB New York.

Missions at STOA: Analyse the financial, technical and commercial parameters of the project opportunities identified by our teams, in order to summarise and present the most interesting of these to STOA's investment committee.

Interests / hobbies: Sport in general: running and hiking in the mountains as a pretext for visiting the most beautiful places in the world.

His dream: Discover a country through infrastructure developed by STOA, a motorway for example, and see the concrete impact of our work.

Amine Masnaoui
Investment Analyst

Background: Amine joined the investment team as an analyst in 2018, having worked for one and a half years in the energy sector, including for the International Finance Corporation (IFC). He graduated from the Ecole des Mines de Paris.


Missions at STOA: His work involves the quantitative assessment of STOA's investment opportunities across all countries and target sectors.

Interests / hobbies: A keen football fan, he learned to speak Spanish fluently by reading the local sports press and watching the big games in Di Stéfano's language.

His dream: Do a job that helps other people.

Ayoub Sami
Investment Analyst

Background: Ayoub joined the investment team as an analyst in 2019, having worked in the legal and financial fields (Linklaters LLP, Eversheds CWA Morocco, Ayache Salama, BMCE Bank of Africa Group) in bank and project financing.

Missions at STOA: Involved in procedures across the board (market, technical, regulatory, financial, tax and operational) and in project development (infrastructure, renewable energy, telecommunications, etc.).

Interests / hobbies: Public speaking, theatre and hypnotherapy.

His dream: Help finance the first deep-sea port on Mars.

Transversal team

Caroline Berthier
Chief Financial Officer

Background: Prior to joining STOA, Caroline worked for five years in the middle office at Ardian. She then joined the Caisse des Dépôts Group as Administrative and Financial Manager of the infrastructure and transport department.

Missions at STOA: Financial Management and Human Resources Management

Interests / hobbies: Tending her herb garden

Her dream: Go round the world with her family

Laurence Marle
Legal Head

Background: Prior to joining STOA, Laurence worked for eleven years as a finance lawyer at Clifford Chance in Paris, then as a company finance lawyer at the Agence Française de Développement.


Missions atSTOA: Laurence oversees all the legal aspects of STOA's operations.

Interests / hobbies: Laurence has three children, loves literature and genre films, and enjoys swimming and other water sports.

Berivan Adlig
Head of Internal Control and Compliance

Background: Berivan has twelve years of experience in the banking and financing sector with a strong expertise in risks and compliance’s area in three financial institutions. Prior joining STOA, Berivan worked in Caisse des Dépôts as head of compliance (AML and Ethics issues) for the Group during four years and as a legal expert for the Banking and financial department of Caisse des Dépôts during five years. 

Missions at STOA: In charge of STOA's internal control and compliance system (prevention and assessment of operational, fraud and compliance risks as ethics, AML-CFT, anti-corruption, GDPR, reputation risk, PCE etc. 

Interests / hobbies: about archaeology, every year she takes part in excavations at an Assyrian site in ancient Northern Mesopotamia (Iraqi Kurdistan).

Un rêve: Learn Sumerian.

Virginie Vitiello
Environment & Social Head

Background: Virginie has twelve years of experience in the field of the environment and sustainable development abroad. She has also acquired valuable experience on the ground, particularly in Africa where she worked for four years. Before joining STOA, Virginie was Senior Consultant at ERM, a leading consultancy firm in the field of environmental and social responsibility.

Missions at STOA: Virginie integrates environmental and social (E & S) aspects into project analysis in order to manage E & S risk and create value over the long term. She sets up procedures and guidelines covering all aspects of the investment process. She helps our partners implement E & S action plans.

Interests / hobbies: Virginie practices Iyengar yoga and plays the piano.

Her dream: Go round the world with her family in a motorhome.