STOA, A responsible company

Because all our actions should contribute to the wellbeing of local populations, we systematically analyse the environmental, social and climate concerns of our projects. We do this as early as possible in their implementation. Our commitments can be divided into 3 pillars:

Our commitments :

Environmental and social commitments

  • Respect the IFC’s internationally recognised performance standards, which allow us to identify and manage environmental and social risks 


Climat commitments

  • Calculate the carbon footprint of each of our projects and prioritise innovative operations that contribute significantly in the fight against climate change
  • We do not invest in any projects linked to the production of coal-based energy 

An exemplary governance

  • Analyse each project in accordance with the highest professional, ethical and compliance standards and continuously train employees


STOA expresses support for the Climate Action in Financial Institutions Initiative and acknowledges the guidance provided by the voluntary Principles for Mainstreaming Climate Action within Financial Institutions. STOA is available to participate in the development of ongoing work to support these voluntary Principles.

30 %

of our capital in projects with inherent climate benefit


performance standards


levels of risk assessment

The carbon assessment of a project is completed in 3 steps :

  • An estimate of emissions linked to the project’s existence: its construction and operation
  • A differential of emissions between this situation and a reference situation
  • A net assessment that allows us to define the positive or negative impact of this project on climate change.