Newsletter STOA #6


In October 2017, STOA was created, and President Emmanuel Macron laid the foundations of our mission during his first visit to the African continent in Ouagadougou on the 28th of November 2017. Five years ago!

For five years our teams have entered partnerships and have been investing time and dedication in the governance of our portfolio companies in Africa, Latin America, and Asia to ensure that the latter successfully support, build, and promote the deployment of sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

For five years, regardless of the years of pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, STOA has deployed more than 400 million euros, 2/3 of the 600 million of the initial commitment of our shareholders, in high impact and major climate friendly infrastructure.

For five years we have been proud to support investments to serve the needs of future generations and to contribute to the creation of 90,000 direct and indirect jobs, to the reduction of more than 2 million tons of CO2 emissions per year, to the transport of millions of tons of goods and to the reduction of the digital gap.

For five years we’ve been working to instill a mindset of compassion, anticipation, and resilience in our talented and ambitious teams.

What’s next?

STOA’s roadmap is filled with new adventures and new projects that will bring to life the promises and ambitions we have been setting for ourselves.

Together, let’s build the future!

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