Newsletter STOA #4

Newsletter 4 STOA EN

After four years of growth, STOA Infra & Energy has defined its purpose (raison d’être). It can be summed up in one sentence: financing and supporting the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure for future generations in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Behind this brief statement lies a long collaborative reflection carried out throughout 2021. Through an introspection on our activities and projects carried out since our foundation in November 2017, a projection on our future as well, we questioned ourselves on the meaning of our action and our commitments. This reflection was also an opportunity to ask all our stakeholders (employees, shareholders, board members, industrial partners, professional organizations, think tanks, personalities from the African continent, …) their perception of STOA’s intervention and involvement.

At the end of this work, we edited and published our Purpose booklet. It reaffirms our three commitment pillars and our objectives to be achieved by 2024. Today, we are proud to present the result of this reflection, which faithfully reflects our ambitions combining development and impact. Through this collaborative path, we ensured to put the people at the center of our concerns by ensuring that our actions are sustainable, resilient and at the service of populations.

I am proud of the work accomplished, glad of the outcome of this reflection and very grateful to all those who contributed. I warmly thank our employees, our shareholders and our partners who have placed their trust in us and who assist us every day in this beautiful endeavour.

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