Newsletter STOA #3

2021, a pivotal year of both consolidation and transition for STOA

2021 has been a year of consolidation, with the confirmation of our investment trajectory. We have managed to keep our momentum despite the socio-economic turmoil caused by the pandemic, which is certainly better understood, but persistent.

With more than 350 million euros of equity committed so far into 11 solid and diversified projects, STOA is expanding its portfolio and strengthening its reputation as an impact fund, mainly driven by the renewable energy and urban transport sectors. We affirmed our presence in Africa, where 45% of our commitments are concentrated. We also confirmed our willingness to be at the forefront of climate change mitigation and adaptation, as 80% of our portfolio have climate co-benefits.

Alongside our major partners, our action on the ground contributes to the financing of 6 billion euros of investment. Our ambition is to increase this volume to 9 billion euros by 2023, and well beyond after a second fundraising.

2021 has also been a year of transition, with the nomination of a duo at the head of the company, and the appointment of new directors to our Board. All together, we are bringing a gender-balanced governance. Our complementary skills and backgrounds will help us to collectively overcome new challenges ahead.

2021 was also the year we strengthened our asset management capabilities with the creation of a dedicated team, and affirmed of our impact fund DNA.

Building on these successes, STOA looks forward to 2022 with the willingness to promote and act in favor of sustainable development.

Let’s work together for future generations and for a sustainable future!

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