Newsletter STOA #1

2020 has been marked by an unprecedented health crisis that has profoundly altered the way we live and has had a significant impact on global economic activity. Infrastructures, which have been declared essential in our geographies, have been able to adapt quickly and continue operations or construction, depending on their maturity stage.

In this difficult context, remaining close to our employees and shareholders, to the management teams in our participations, and to our partners and friends in the countries in which we are active, pursuing our development with conviction through new investments and market conquests, and supporting the development of our assets portfolio is essential.

This newsletter is intended to establish a link within our ecosystem, spread over three continents, and to keep you up-to-date with our news: transactions that took place over the quarter, key figures and highlights within our projects, team arrivals, internal or external events, reading suggestions, ….

We hope you will enjoy reading this first edition and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions and to developing this information channel, with the goal of sharing our experiences in our various sectors and geographies and building growing and lasting relationships with our partners.

Enjoy the reading!

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