Investment in a wind power platform



The challenges

In order to promote sustainable development in emerging Asian countries and support their energy and environmental transition, we are investing in projects that will improve the standard of living of local populations and encourage economic growth.
This wind energy platform in India will help meet the country’s growing electricity demands and also participate in the reduction of average energy costs.


The project

STOA has acquired a 50% stake  in a wind energy platform developed in partnership with Engie. This platform will host onshore wind projects that will be implemented in the context of regional and national auctions. The platform has already won 3 calls for tender:  one in  the Gujarat State and two in the national (SECI) auctions, representing a total capacity of 280 MW. The partnership established for this project will continue to develop in the coming years.


Expected results

•    Attain a wind energy capacity of 2 GW by 2022, and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
•    Bring very competitively priced energy to the market and reduce average energy costs.

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