Active in 3 continents

With yearly investment needs estimated at US$3.3 trillion*, more than 60% of which intended for emerging countries, the private sector plays a crucial role in infrastructure development and financing. Alongside other key players, we accelerate the implementation of projects that are of real use to local populations in countries that are open to foreign investment and to public-private partnerships. These countries must also be included in the OECD’S Development Assistance Committee’s list of countries that are granted public development aid. Our presence evolves according to the risks and opportunities existing in these regions but also according to their adaptability. 

* McKinsey Global Institute

Africa and the Mediterranean area

As STOA’s priority area of intervention, Africa is the continent with the highest need for infrastructure, particularly in terms of access to water, power, internet, railways and paved roads. The deficit of investment in the continent’s infrastructure (estimated to be between US$70 and US$100 billion per year by the African Development Bank) represents a major challenge, in light of the population’s growth expectations. The African population will nearly triple by 2063, and will then make up 29% of the world population. 

Countries in which STOA can invest:

East Asia and the Pacific region

Accounting for 55% of the world’s population and 20% of its land, Asia is the most densely populated continent on earth. East Asia and the Pacific region comprise highly dynamic economies that nonetheless face challenges, particularly in regard to the fragility of their power grids and the worrying increase in pollution in the region’s biggest cities. Transport, access to water and telecommunication infrastructure are needed to support the continent’s healthy growth.

Countries in which STOA can invest: 

Latin-America and the Caribbean

In this rapidly growing continent, home to significant natural resources, 30% of the population is less than 15 years old. The emergence of New-World countries is underway, but will not take off until the continent’s infrastructures are truly on par with its stated ambitions.

Countries in which STOA can invest: